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  Empowering communities to reduce poverty

Where are we coming from?

   Sakubva was established in 1925 and thats about 86 years ago.Generations have come and go in between.Most of the people who have knowledge of the first Sakubva have so long died and the current residents of Sakubva are either incomers or young people.Local traditions say that before 1925 the whole Sakubva area was under the chieftaincy of Chief Sakubva.Under him were his headmen Chisamba,Maonde,Muchena,Mundembe and Mazhambe.The first Umtali townshipwas built or established in Penhalonga but later on moved to the present day Sakubva.Since the area was already inhabited the chiefs entered into an agreement with the white people who wanted the city on their land.They asked the white men to name the suburbs after their name.Since the chief was Sakubva,the whole area was called Sakubva,hence Sakubva school,Sakubva clinic etc.It is believed that headman Chisamba was very vocal and chief Sakubva's right hand man,he asked for more of his portion and got New and Old Chisamba,Chisamba singles,Chisamba school and of course the Chisamba Police station.These chiefs were then moved to areas not far from the town and hence Chisamba was the closest getting Dora Pinto,Dora estates and Dora Dombo.The others got areas around Mabiya,KumaMiles ( 19 miles,22 miles etc,)Chigodora areas.

Where are we going?What do we hope to achieve?



 Physical features

For a long time now Sakubva is characterised by dirty, dilapidated and soot covered buildings.The old houses that were built by the colonial settlers were not meant for family. They were meant for single people who would spent most of their times at work.Now an average family has about 6 members and the two rooms are no longer sufficient and decent.The living conditions go against the very cultural and traditional fabrics that we hold as Zimbabweans.This has given rise to increase in crime,sexual abuse,GBV and communicable diseases.As ReSa we intend to restore people's dignity by building them detached houses with bathroom and toilet.These will be fenced and have space for small vegetable gardens.The two pictures on the left show the intended designs for the future detached houses.We also intend to build blocks of flats for smaller families.

With your help we can achieve.........

   The roads network in Sakubva is worse for wear.All the tarred roads are marred with potholes and the tar is only on a few patches which is a danger to the road users.Travelling at night on these roads is a hazard as one does not know whether he will fall into a ditch or pothole.As such some of the areas are inaccessible cutting them off from the rest of the community .The public transport no longer plies their routes and they have to walk to the nearest point to get a kombi.This encourages mugging as some of the routes now have overgrowth and are a breeding place for muggers.The picture on the left shows what the best routes look like.The others are nothing but an eyesore.

Improve people's lives through sustainable livelihoods.

ReSa will not only bring physical facets to the community but also improve their livelihoods through creation of employment.This project will create over 2000 jobs for the people of Sakubva.The engineers,masonry(builders),drivers,landscape technician.environmental technician,marketers,field officers,security,logistics,media,trench and foundation diggers,community mobilizers,accountants,projects coordinator will all come from Sakubva.While some will be involved in ensuring physical changes some will be involved in bringing awareness to the community on the project,health issues,GBV,environmental protection,climate change,Disaster risk reduction and self sustanance.Every community member will be involved in contributing something towards this project and this needs planners and community mobilizers.After the projects ends there are some posts that will remain in place e.g security,community mobilizers and field officers.

Improve health service delivery

Sakubva as a surburb has only 1 hospital which caters for over 65000 residents of this locality.The hospital presently is understaffed and always out of medicines.For main surgery people are refered to the main General hospital which is in town.This main hospital is overwhelmed because it is the referral hospital for the whole province of Manicaland.Through ReSa we intend to refurbish the hospital and find a donor who will consistently supply medicines to this clinic.We also intend to revamp the council clinics and make sure they are viable and deliver expected services to the community.  

Compliment Government and local council efforts

The problems that the Sakubva community is facing now is a result of  a financially weak council and poor economy.The services that are supposed to be delivered by councils in Sakubva are now just stories to the young generation.During the 80s council used to deliver services such as garbage and waste removal and  disposals,clinics,road maintenance,free hospital assistance to the poor and most vulnerable,supply garbage bins,supply light bulbs,paint houses as well as repair windows for a very small fee.Now if we tell the new generations that this used to happen they think its all folk tale.Now the drainage systems are blocked,public toilets do not work anymore, garbage is no longer  being collected and roads are no longer being maintained.As ReSa we wish to compliment the council efforts by providing them with garbage trucks,water purification chemicals and system repairs,supply of garbage bins.As council they will provide manpower and pay for the salaries.This will also be same scenario with security guards who will be manning the flats and houses.WE expect council to supply us with land for construction.

How will the business community be involved?

In its endeavour to restore the town of Sakubva,ReSa will not work alone.The business community draws its labour from the community.A healthy and happy employee is productive and the opposite can be said for the reverse.ReSa will supply homes for their labour and good road networks.As business community they will also contribute in cash or kind.All the services we need in Sakubva for this project are locally available.For landscaping there is Matan and Tenda transport.There are various companies that supply cement and bricks.PJ will provide the glass while all the timber will come from MBPM.This is just an example as it is not limited to these companies only but to all the other companies who will be capable of providing quality materials at competitive prices.Labour is abundantly available in Sakubva.From office bearers to trench diggers and garbage collectors.

As their first contribution we expect all local shops to do a face lift of their premises.Most shops look dull,dirty and deserted and are characterized by empty shelves.Shop owners will be mandated to repaint and repair their shops and upgrade them to supermarket standards and provide variety of goods to customers. 

Firms and companies who will be hired by ReSa will have to employ 75% staff who are residents of Sakubva for the project.This will ensure employment creation. 

ReSa will bring businesses to local firms and the business community as a whole and as such there should be synergy between the business community and ReSa. 

Reduce Vulnerability and increase capacity

Mutare as a city has three main high density usrburbs namely Sakubva,Chikanga and Dangamvura.Sakubva is the oldest,most populated and poorest surburbs of the three.As such people from Sakubva feel inferior to people from the other locations.Dangamvura does not have public toilets for families but for travellers or pasersby who needs to use them.For families each house has its own bathroom facilities.Chikanga which is the latest and newest location does not even have a single public toilet.Should you need to use a bathroom in Chikanga,you will use the bush or go to some one else's house and ask to use their toilets.Due to having public toilets there are some people who have lived in Sakubva for over 50 years and have never bought sanitiser like Harpic toilet cleaner or toilet paper.When you have public toilet these necesities are not a need.For toilet one can use the leaves or newspapers or worse still the walls.ReSa wants these people to also use these things for their health and dignity.Some people have no idea what privacy means because in a family of ten in a two roomed house noone owns a bedroom.Not even the parents.A thin sheet of cloth divides the bed and the chairs.These living standards have rendered most people vulnerable.Some men find Sakubva the breeding ground for sexual favours as they prey on young girls in exchange for fees or food money.

ReSa through its community awareness programes will change this by empowering them through asset ownership and employment creation.This will be supported by awareness programmes on cross cutting issues,environmental awareness and climate change.They say information is power.We also want to support the endeavours of local grassroots organisation through information sharing and partnership. 

Cross Cutting issues to be addressed

According to the local police staion and other grassroots orgnisation dealing with women's issues there has been an increase in gender based violence in Sakubva.This is also leading to deaths and sometimes permanent disability.A lot of  girls are also being sexually abused by known and unknown assailants.Due to the ballooning number of residents versus the dwindling resources the crime rate has gone very high and is cutting across all levels.ReSa will have within its project coordination a department that will deal with GBV,HIV and Aids and Child Protection issues.They will conduct trainings,sensitisation meetings and awareness campaigns on these issues.Since there is a 76% unemployment rate in Sakubva most women are housewives and as such can attend like skills training courses that will be conducted at Beit Hall and Moffat Halls respectively.Training will not involve women and girls alone but also men and boys.With this background ReSa will have human rights,protection,HIV and AIDS,accountability an gender s cross cutting issues.

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