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Sakubva Beit Hall:A sleeping Giant
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The Sakubva Beit Hall holds cherished childhood memories.In this hall we watched Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies,met for indoor games,held community meetings,had our first chance of singing and acting on a stage.It was in Sakubva that lipsincing was introduced and each Thursday afternoon after school various singing rehearsals were done.Outside the Beithall we played basketball,netball and volleyball.Church services were also held in this hall.Communities used this as a meeting place too.

Now Sakubva Beit Hall is a white elephant.No more movies and no more community meetings.Sakubva youths now do their rehearsals on the dirty patches of what is left of the tarred road.Some have resorted to petty crimes,idleness and unhealthy coping mechanisms.This Hall can be revamped and community activities can be done again.This can be done with your help to help clean this up through new painting,installation of lights,curtains and musical instruments for those with the love of music.Let today's residents enjoy the benefits of this hall and stay away from drugs,crime and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

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