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Jumping Rope

Posted by rebuildsakubva on May 5, 2015 at 12:15 AM

Jumping Rope or Fish fish

Fish Fish spell your name

F.I.S.H. Fish fish turn around

And touch the ground and go away

Away,away away

Maybe you remember this one

Christopher Columbus was a great man

He went to America in a sauce pan

He went to Blantyre,Blantyre

And over.

Two litle sausages in a sauce pan

One went blong and the other went blah.

Wow these were the songs we used to jump rope to.I know some call it double dutch and for us we called it,probably still call it Fish,Fish. This was like the anthem of jumping rope.You had to start with the Fish Fish song before you could sing any other song. I remember how many times l got a beating from my parents for running to play fish fish before attending to my assigned household chores. 

With time several songs were incooperated into the rope jumping business but nothing really changed.It was just one rope which was used.For those who were now champions on jumping rope they would have to jump it in reverse or have 2 people jumping at the same time. Sometimes when you were jumping rope on the dirty paths other children would come and jump and go.They will not stop and jump with you but jump for a little while and disappear again.

The longest song was Jelly in the dish.Somehow we never knew the actually lyrics to the song.It was always mumbled but we all knew when it started and when it ended. It was also the most complicated because one was expected to do sme freestyle while jumping especially where it said "I am a little girl,dressed in coors and these are my actions l can do,Salute in the water,water,water,salute in the water to buy my dress..." am not even sure if these meant anything but we sang along just fine.

Now 40 years down the lane l look back at what children of my age back then are doing.You no longer find them playing Fish Fish or jumping rope.Half the time they are glued to the television watching cartoons or movies.Most of them hardly exercise at all.Perhaps the most exercise is using the remote or standing up to get somethings from the fridge which in most cases is not even 2 metres away.

Sakubva has become a veil of what used to be.Al the bright colors are now faded.Memories are no longer vivid but painfully stuck up in our heads.Where did this all go.I wish we can revive this community and have children to play once more.We want the noise from children back on the streets.But then the streets are also gone.The play grounds are no more.Grass and moss have taken over.

I wish one day l will jump rope again and sing along.This time using the right lyrics.How about you?

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