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Queen mother and Queen Elizabeth Visited Sakubva

Posted by rebuildsakubva on January 26, 2014 at 5:30 PM

In 1953 the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth 11 visited the township of Umtali known as Sakubva.During their visits they went into one house in Chitungo.Below are the versions of the story and what happened.It is also stated that the Queen mother admired the dahlias that were growing on two of the houses and had to pluck one before she went inside the house to pay a curtesy call.Today this is part of Sakubva history which fits in our puzzel as we look back to where we come from and look further to where we are going.Some of the comments are in vernacular but up to today  some of the people who witnessed the queen's visit are still alive to tell the story of this visit. 

Some trivia that might help us know kuti Sakubva haizi yekutamba nayo: When the Queen of England,Queen Elizabeth vamwe vaPrincess Diana, visited Sakubva she visited a house in Chitungo and left a paint brush mark.Anyone with more information on this please contribute to this disscusion.

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Richard Sikanadze I'm not sure I wonder when this was,maybe the likes of Tessa Simba would comment on that.

January 24 at 9:48am · Like


Lucia Mbofana Tessa Simba can you confirm or deny this?Someone told me that its number 1 Chitungo or Chineta?

January 24 at 9:53am · Like


Lydia Charlie Muzaya JB My mum used to tell us about this and still does.

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Lydia Charlie Muzaya JB Mbuya Muzaya by the way

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Isabel Ngwenya Sakubva rules

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Lucia Mbofana Lydia Charlie Muzaya JB ask your mother about this again.if possible record her saying this nekuti one day this might just come handy.

January 24 at 11:19am · Like


Lydia Charlie Muzaya JB Will ask my nephew to do it thanks

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Eva Muzaya Jb It's Chitungo I think according to my Mum and I think it was the Queen Mother who visited that house. Will check with Mbuya Muzaya and let you know.

January 24 at 12:04pm · Unlike · 1


Rhodes Mundoma its number 28 chitungo, was a beautiful house then belonging to mr ngungunyani

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Rhodes Mundoma that same house used to have besutifully built gold fish ponds and a gazebo

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Itai Marange No its number1 chitungo pacorner Mumain Road panonzi PaZikiti one of there sons married my niece

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Itai Marange Dzmba dzekudhuze kumusika is it chitungo or chineta bt its close nekwaigara the Notorias Munezhu

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Daniel Matonhodza i like this forum and would like to contribute there any way we know our objectives and how they can be meet and how they are set.

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Farai Marange Sakubva

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Kennedy Simon maonde capitol city of sakubva

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Zvikopee Mariyacha gegegege very true I think my father wil shed more light cause hazi vaifunda pasakubva school apo hazi takazi imbai kuti 'we are marching for the red white and blueeeee' ....wachitaura macolours epa union jack pakauya queen ipapo....wil ask him

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Law Hussein C Whaaal! I'll look around.

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Lovedale Tom Matanha Munopenga mambokadzi veEngland kupinda SK riini zviroto zviroto ngazviperere mudzimba

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Linah Chinyanda Hazvizi zviroto

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Lucia Mbofana Daniel Matonhodza visit our website on and you will get our objectives and direction. However to sum it all up this is a forum to discuss issues pertaining to the development of Sakubva township. We identify areas of need and put our heads together and see how we can help.


Rebuild Sakubva ReSa - Home

Rebuild Sakubva ReSa - Home -

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Lucia Mbofana Lovedale Tom Matanha hazvizi zviroto. Ichokwadi chausingaudzwi mazuva ose. Pane akagarira future yeSakubva and this is part of our rich history. It's time we get the facts out. We are a chosen people. Someone just took away our destiny. Based on this information alone don't you think that someone ought to give us an explanation? Queen comes,paints one house and goes? Isu ziiiiii?

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Eva Muzaya Jb I checked with my dear Mother it was Chitungo paNgungunyana. Both Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother came to this house

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Law Hussein C Wen was this Eva?

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Law Hussein C This is interesting. Serious. It is.

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Eva Muzaya Jb She is unable to say exactly when but she says she was breastfeeding my eldest sister at.the time. My sister was born 1953. Moitawo maths dzacho Kikikiki

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Lydia Charlie Muzaya JB First visit was '47 and second was '53 then Rhodesia.

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Tessa Simba Yes it was 1953 but it was not sekuru Ngungunyana's house coz he was a close uncle of ours. Eggs as eggs Her Majesty never even traveled the dust road to sekuru Ngungunyana's house though the gold fish, the ponds and the gezabo were impressive My late father and mother both of them passed away without agreeing on which of the two houses opposite our Mazhambe house the Queen got into. Their argument was based on which of the two houses cultivated bigger brighter dahlias of which the queen held in her hands and admired before getting into the house. The beauty of their argument was and is still why we never verified their answers with the tenants! Kiiiki kiiiii!

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Lucia Mbofana This is history.

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Lucia Mbofana It was July 8th 1953

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Lucia Mbofana Ok people now we have enough information to claim this story. I like the dehlia part too.Now we also know that the house is opposite Tessa's house.So hazvizi zviroto.

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Eva Muzaya Jb My mother is alive and can clarify this for us. Those in Sakubva endai pa8 Old Chisamba mubvunze Mbuya Muzaya mega and there are a few of her friends who are around that area who can give more information tizwe rakazara

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Rhodes Mundoma queen mother visited number 1 and 28 chitungo, confirmed by surving daugher wepa28 chitungo, susan ngungunyana

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Bilion Days Shaduzar uum kwakuseri

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Maureen Maradzika Its true, Manica post library shld have an article on that, takangokura tichizvinzwawo my mum has confirmed.

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Lucia Mbofana Chenge WaChengetai don't you think this is a good discussion?

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Lucia Mbofana Thanks Rhodes Mundoma and Eva Muzaya Jb

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Lucia Mbofana Thanks Maureen. We will see if this story can be relived.

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Lucia Mbofana So ok now what do you think about this story.True or false?Comment


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Reply kuziwa Murapa
7:17 AM on June 2, 2014 
Happy to see this chat on Sakubva My town. Im the nephew of Alice Murapa the founder of Murapa Hotel in Sakubva. My father Ernest Murapa was a pipeband player ainzi maschochi in Sakubva, and Im told they played for the Queen Mother and granddaughter princes Margeret. If any body remembers maschochi members who where Ernest Murapa, Chimusoro, and others please contact, lets help preserve our heritage.

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