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Weddings oh weddings

Posted by rebuildsakubva on February 14, 2012 at 5:05 PM

Muchatiseni dho Muchatiseni doh reh doh ti la doh.(Lets wed her,lets wed her doh reh doh ti la doh)

Nhasi Ndezveduwo

This was a common wedding song for most of the weddings during the 70s and 80s.They were not as fancy as the weddings we have these days.I am not sure why it happened but l dont remember seeing any young couple wedding.It was usually the been theres who had three or four children already.The children will also be part of the wedding entourage.Funny isnt it?There wer no fancy decorations in the hall except some artificial flowers and kaylite that had the name of the groom and bride.Most of the fresh flowers were some thing that the women picked up from the neighboorhood.Nothing fancy as long as it was a flower and had color.Those days the issue of hiring expensive and flashy cars was not common or rife.So it was not surprising that sometimes the bride would actually walk to the church and the whole neighbourhood would escort her seeing "Muchatiseni doh muchatiseni doh...."

The bride wore a white wedding gown and some fake pearls and white shoes.The bridemaids wore uniform dresses of the same color.Then the most used color was pink.The men would juust wear a suit not a tuxedo but just a suit.Usually it was something old and something borrowed.The bride wouod hiold a bouquet of artificail flowers which were hired and needed to be returned,so the issue of throwing the bouquet was unheard off.:)

The food was the most interesting part of all.A beast usually a cow was slaughtered and boiled.The women would add salt and sometimes tomatoes.Whatever they dd the meat was so soft and well cooked and the soup was brown and watery.The sadza (staple Zimbabwean food)mwas cooked in a drum.Usually it took 4 men to do so and do it well such that there were no lumps.Food will then be served after 2pm.People will make long queues and get the food.The food was dished for more than two people.So after getting your drum sadza you would sit as a group and eat.There was also food for the high table.Chicken.This was raiosted and rice was also served.These are the only people who also got drinks,soft drinks.If the person had enough money then they would buy drinks for everyone.

I know you have your won memories about these weddings.Send me your commensta and your memories too so that we all share.

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